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The Miles Davis Movie: Better as A Documentary Film?

I read an article in Variety about the difficult marketplace for music documentaries. We’ve definitely come a long way from the Oscar-winning “Woodstock” and other classic, music docs like (the awesome) “The Last Waltz” and (equally great) “Stop Making Sense” — there have been plenty of good music films over the years, but the market … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: Can Obama presidency help the success of a movie about Miles Davis?

(It looks like it’s all about Obama today, so here is a post from Nov. 6) During the just concluded presidential campaign there was a moment when we learned what kind of music the candidates preferred. It was no surprise that when Barack Obama revealed his iPod playlist there was much (fun) debate and scrutiny. … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: When is the best time to release the film? (updated)

All the talk lately about the (surprising) release date for Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds has me revisiting a post I wrote last summer about the best time of year to release a Miles Davis biopic. Needless to say the announcement from The Weinstein Company of an August 21, 2009 nationwide release for “Inglorious Basterds” was … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: A few (more) words about the movie poster

If there’s one topic that gets me going it’s talking about what the movie poster for the Miles Davis biopic should look like. Back in June I threw out some ideas for the one-sheet, which remains one of the more popular topics around here. It’s a terrific subject because we’re so inundated with movie marketing … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: More box office success in the U.S. or abroad?

While I do think the domestic release of the Miles Davis biopic will bring with it a hefty share of media coverage/hype, critical debate, awards discussion and positive ticket sales (I can only assume), I can foresee the film doing big business abroad — perhaps even better abroad versus in the U.S. There’s the whole … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: A poster, a poster, my kingdom for a poster

I just read that Quentin Tarantino has added actors Julie Dreyfus, Michael Bacall and Omar Doom to the cast of “Inglorious Bastards,” but more importantly, I found this cool, teaser poster for the film with The Playlist story. And what does a movie poster for a much-hyped, WWII epic from Tarantino have to do with … Continue reading

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Kind of Blue – celebrating the 50th anniversary

Columbia/Legacy recordings will celebrate the 50th anniversary of Miles Davis’s landmark album, Kind of Blue, with the release of a special collector’s edition that will include the original album, alternate takes, a DVD jazz documentary, and more. The box set will be released on September 30th. Packaged in a 12-inch slipcase box, the 50th Anniversary … Continue reading

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The Miles Davis Movie: Cheadle on Late Show; no mention of ‘Miles,’ but I’m excited anyway…

Don Cheadle, the man tasked with filming and portraying the legendary Miles Davis for the upcoming film, was on the Late Show Tuesday night to promote his new film, Traitor. Did he mention anything about the Miles Davis biopic? No. Did he really have the time? No. Perhaps if he shows up on “Charlie Rose” … Continue reading