Of ‘Mad Men’ and Miles Davis

And now a few words about “Mad Men” – and Miles Davis. The season 2 finale was Sunday; just terrific! I’m already looking ahead to next season. Fans of the series will surely point to the music as an important feature of the show’s nuance from one episode to the next – reinforcing theme and emotion as the appropriate musical selection can perform so wonderfully.

This brings us to Miles Davis or more specifically, the music of Miles Davis and its relation to the show.

Season one (set in 1960) features two Miles Davis tracks: In Episode 5 (5G) we hear “Blue in Green” and Episode 8 (The Hobo Code) is highlighted by “Concierto De Aranjuez (Adagio)”

In two seasons the show has featured some great music, ranging from Chubby Checker and Ella Fitzgerald to Bob Dylan and Johnny Mathis.

Maybe I can persuade show creator Matthew Weiner to get Miles Davis on the show.

The scene: Miles Davis walks into a bar one evening only to encounter Don Draper. They end up talking about life and love and then Miles imparts some heavy advice, which helps Don in whatever disarray he’s likely going to be in.

Now there’s a storyline for you!


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