The Miles Davis Movie: What will the movie logo look like?

Let me first say that this post/question is inspired from a post I read today on the always informative/entertaining movie website First Showing.

They have news (big news in some circles) abut the launch of the logo and website for the forthcoming Sony film “The Green Hornet,” set to be adapted by Mr. “Knocked Up” himself, Seth Rogen.

The film is not slated to even be released until 2010 and already the Sony buzz machine is starting to crank up. Thank goodness we don’t have to wait until 2010 for the Miles Davis biopic (I hope…), but hey, let’s talk logo!

I’ll save the website post for later. It’s going to be a big one!

So logos… The text or picture that is going to be seen everywhere there is room to market, brand, advertise, etc.

What’s it going to be? My first thought is the Miles Davis signature we see on a host of t-shirts, hats and assorted merchandise.

Then again maybe a photo of Miles is better. I’m partial to the ‘pose’ from the Jack Johnson LP cover, and even the silhouette version might be nice.

This stuff is important, people! The marketing behind this flick is going to be pivotal (isn’t it always!!), and it’s a topic I plan to delve into later on. I’m no marketing guru, but I, like just about all fans of arts and entertainment, know what we like/want/need.

I have already said for the one-sheet teaser to just have the words ‘Miles Davis’ written out in white on a black background, so I am all about building the buzz, creating that anticipation before anything substantial is revealed.

When that teaser trailer hits theatres I want my heart to skip a beat. I want to sit up and grin as wide as possible knowing the film is headed our way.

Right after that green band (or will it be red band?) graphic that tells me “The following preview has been approved for all audiences by the Motion Picture Association of America,” I want to see a black screen followed by the sound of a trumpet accompanying – an image? a logo? a photograph?

I don’t know, but I’ll be ready to drink up that first trailer in all its glory when it hits the ‘Net and the movie houses.

I’m excited just thinking about. It’s going to be the Birth of the Cool all over again. There’s going to be a lot of Miles Davis-y news and feature stories in magazines and newspapers and on the ‘Net when the run up to the premier gets started — and that’s all good as far as I am concerned.

All sorts of opinions and analysis will hit the media grid and Miles Davis will front row on the pop culture rollercoaster; old records discussed, notorious moments from the past resurrected for debate, former friends and colleagues trotted out to speak about the man, critics discussing his status in the jazz pantheon, the expected surge in digital music sales, the customary razzle-dazzle articles on the front pages of the Sunday arts and entertainments section in newspapers everywhere and so on and so forth.

There Will Be Buzz.

How big remains to be seen, but I think people will be hearing a lot (more) of Miles Davis next year.

I admit to jumping the gun with all this, but the fact remains that there’s a Miles Davis movie in the works (finally!) and that’s cause for rejoicing.

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Jeff loves music. He also loves band t-shirts, which has become something of an obsession. There's a vintage Roxy Music t-shirt on eBay for $299 he is absolutely going to get when he starts making the big bucks.

2 thoughts on “The Miles Davis Movie: What will the movie logo look like?”

  1. the simpler the better. i like the signature just by itself. could be cool. or maybe like one of those big posters where it’s just his face.

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