The Miles Davis Movie: A poster, a poster, my kingdom for a poster

I just read that Quentin Tarantino has added actors Julie Dreyfus, Michael Bacall and Omar Doom to the cast of “Inglorious Bastards,” but more importantly, I found this cool, teaser poster for the film with The Playlist story.

And what does a movie poster for a much-hyped, WWII epic from Tarantino have to do with anything on the Blog dedicated to all things Miles Davis biopic?

Because we don’t have one!

Tell me, how awesome would it be to have a teaser one-sheet for the upcoming Miles Davis film? I know, we’ve covered how it’s still in development (though a script does exist) and there’s probably still business issues being worked out and lord knows what else, but please… a poster would really heat things up around here.

That’s like two weeks worth of posts right there, just dissecting every inch of the poster.

Back in June I pondered what the movie poster should look like (Saul Bass, anyone?), so feel free to go back and reminisce.

But this Inglorious Bastards poster has re-awakened my need for design as it relates to the Miles Davis biopic. How about a black poster with the words ‘Miles Davis’ in white lettering smack dab in the middle? And at the bottom it can read ‘Coming Soon.’

Not too fancy, but it’s a start. See, this is where if I were in charge I’d have a design contest and have a nice prize for the person who creates the best teaser poster for the Miles Davis film – doesn’t even have to be the official poster, just the one that whets our appetite.

(Note to self: get new iPod, have contest)


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