The Miles Davis Movie: When is the best time to release the film?

The question of release dates is probably best answered by people in the film biz, preferably movie execs, marketing gurus and distribution folks, but I’m nevertheless curious – especially when it comes to a film I am highly (highly) anticipating.

I’ll just come right out and say that a Miles Davis biopic does not scream summer to me.

Call me crazy, but it feels like fall to me.

And with the Don Cheadle-as-Miles Davis part of the equation, you can definitely count on the film to hit Oscar’s radar, so fall (October/November) might be aces for a release date.

Hey, they might release the movie in February, so really – what do I know?

Whenever the film does hit theatres, I am predicting a lot of press, a lot of Oscar buzz and, happily, plenty of feature stories on Miles Davis and his music.

Of course, I do not believe there’s a distribution deal in place at this time, but I’m going on the assumption it won’t be too difficult to find a suitor.

The thing is, without knowing budgets and other matters of the production, I really don’t know whether the Miles Davis biopic is going to be a big-budget operation or an indie-pic that winds up at Sundance.

Update: I just read some old news clips and it seems as if the film will be independently financed – however, a studio might join the party down the road.

I have thought about the film as both a glossy Hollywood film and an independent-style project, and I can see the movie ‘working’ in both respects. But I will say that my preference is somewhere down the middle.

Whatever that means….

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