Welcome to Miles Davis Online – a Blog dedicated to the legendary jazz trumpeter, bandleader and composer Miles Davis.

The ambition of this Blog is to enable you the opportunity to discover and experience everything under the sun about Miles Davis. From his classic recordings and cool style, to his unmatched legacy and influence, to the enduring popularity – the goal is to curate a daily conversation about Miles Davis and appreciation of a remarkable career.

In addition to commentary, I’ll also have a variety of resources to help better explore the life and times of the legendary artist. I’m also excited about the interviews and features lined up, plus a special emphasis on community – Miles Davis and jazz in general.

Miles Davis Online is about an obsession and appreciation with Miles Davis. But not just my own; my aim is to share the joy of Miles Davis with everyone and to bring as many opinions and ideas, feelings and memories as possible to the party.

Miles Davis is one of the most important pop culture figures of the 20th century, so there’s definitely never a lack of conversation material.

The daily news part of Miles Davis Online will function a bit differently as, say, following Wynton Marsalis with news about a tour. But trust me, there is plenty of Miles Davis news to write about.

As I write this introduction it’s the 50th anniversary of Kind of Blue, which means there must be a new retrospective or appreciation hitting the web everyday. It might be a stage play based on the life of Miles Davis, a set of skateboards inspired by Davis’ First Great Quintet, or updates on the eagerly-awaited Miles Davis Biopic, but there is always something to write about when it comes to Miles Davis.

Miles may have left us in 1991, but his presence is as strong as ever.

More than anything I want the website to be entertaining, interesting and function as a central hub for fans of Miles Davis. There are some terrific Blogs and websites focused on jazz and Miles Davis, and I’m excited about joining the celebration.

Miles Davis is among the most significant and influential musicians in jazz history. His music, impact on popular culture and almost mythological story of talent, survival and defying expectations has fascinated me from the day I bought my first Miles Davis record.

Throughout his 50-year career, Miles Davis demonstrated a remarkable ability to thrive in changing times, moving deftly from cool jazz and bebop to fusion and jazz-funk – writing his own rules and history every step of the way. That history is a source of endless fascination; studying a man, both a devil and an angel, who helped shape the world of modern music. This blog allows me the opportunity to explore my interest further, while writing about the daily goings-on in the world of Miles Davis.

In the end, Miles Davis’ gift to our life and times extends well beyond his music – a social critic, an arbiter of style and a toughness matched only by his warmth and humor.

Miles Davis Online is a tribute to that legacy.

It is also a present-day narrative about how the legend co-exists in today’s music and pop culture landscape; like fellow icons Elvis and Sinatra, the mythology only becomes more impressive and revered over time, but it’s fascinating to observe their status in modern culture.

And with that, I say welcome!

Jeffrey Hyatt



3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Stumbled upon your Web site today while searching for any new info on the Miles biopic project. Hope you keep it up. Needless to say, I’m a big fan of Miles. Only started listening to him four years ago, but I’ve been in a deep exploration of his music ever since.

  2. Just like Ed, I started with Miles’ music only few years ago but I’ve become very addicted to his music (and his wonderful boxed sets!). A movie about Miles, even if it seems that won’t appear in the next future, it’s a natural choice after biopics about Charlie Parker and many others (Ray Charles, Tina Turner, Etta James, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain…).

  3. Hello

    I’m christian. I’m also love Miles’ music, and I have a download wordpress blog dedicated to him. Can you put my link to this website?
    It would be nice, because i put your link too to my site.

    Please reply.


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