The Miles Davis Movie: A few (more) words about the movie poster

postcard If there’s one topic that gets me going it’s talking about what the movie poster for the Miles Davis biopic should look like. Back in June I threw out some ideas for the one-sheet, which remains one of the more popular topics around here.

It’s a terrific subject because we’re so inundated with movie marketing — be it billboards, magazines, newspapers, websites etc. A movie poster provides instant reaction, triggering certain emotions, even at the most fundamental level, that might pique our interest or reinforce indifference.

I, for one, am eager to see what the poster will look like down the road because it will for sure clue us in on the film’s theme, its scale and the direction of the marketing. If it’s a black poster with the words ‘Miles Davis’ positioned in the middle (with the basic info a the bottom) then we know the film is going for that mysterious, indie-flick vibe. I’ll add that I think that style would be a darn good teaser poster.

I always revert back to Saul Bass as a proper template, mainly because I love his work. Speaking of Mr. Bass, when you’re done here shoot over to, which is loaded with posters, videos and all kinds of Saul Bass goodness.

A good movie poster is like…is like a portal into the film’s soul. Or something like that. Anyway, it’s always obvious when a movie poster ‘works.’ I’m this close to having a contest to design a version of the Miles Davis movie poster. Now I’m thinking collage style might be nice; just a variety of cool images thrown together, like tossing a box of photos on a table.

So… today I’m reading on First Showing about the four new individual posters for “G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.”

While the Miles Davis movie is not positioned as an ensemble, I still thought it might be interesting (see: cool for me to own) to have a set of individual posters capturing ‘Miles Davis’ at different points of his career – each covered in the film, of course.

You can have young Miles, late 1950s/early 1960s Miles, fusion Miles and late ’80s Miles.

I want now!

miles-young 50smiles miles-seventies 80s-miles


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