Miles Davis Gets (Yet Another!) Mention On Parks And Recreation

Parks-and-Recreation1-300x225 This is the second time this season the name Miles Davis has been spotlighted on the supremely excellent show Parks And Recreation. On the latest episode (“Partridge”, 4-5-13), Ben Wyatt, played by Adam Scott, is doped on morphine while in the hospital dealing with kidney stones.

In his time of being under the influence of some heavy drugs, he states, “I feel like I never gave Miles Davis proper shrift.”

Of course, watching it is much funnier than my quick summary.

And Adam Scott’s delivery of the line is great.

Miles Davis Gets A Mention On Parks And Recreation

One of my favorite TV shows is Parks and Recreation. So I was mighty pleased to hear the name Miles Davis called out in the show’s cold open Thursday night (11/29). Designed as an NPR spoof, the opening set-up takes place in Wamapoke County Public Radio station.

Becasue their listeners love their jazz music, the decision is made to play a recording of Benny Goodman played over a separate recording of Miles Davis.

Jazz rules!