Gets A Much-Needed, Long Overdue Redesign

The official website for Miles Davis finally gets a long-overdue redesign that delivers the proper online platform to help bolster the digital aspirations of the Miles Davis Brand, all the while presenting the fans a nice portal to learn about the jazz icon.

The new website still lacks a ‘voice’ behind the content to link together the news, the community, and the opinion that surrounds the jazz legend. But the new is a massive leap forward for the digital side of the Miles Davis brand, especially for the fans. might lack a few of the subtle design and content features of a, for example, but as far as corporate official websites go, the newly redesigned is a huge improvement to what Sony/Legacy had previously offered since taking over the digital operations from the Miles Davsi Estate many years back.

From a purely aesthetic angle, the new website is a major league upgrade from the design mess that preceded it. It’s much easier to navigate, much more focused on how readers connect with the various content. The decision to move to the WordPress platform was a wise one, and the theme they chose to publish with is solid.

We especially like the visual display of the Miles Davis discography broken up into the jazz legend’s most notable musical eras. We have presented this type of feature for a long time, but only via links.

It’s nice to see a version 2 appear on the new

The news/blog is what you’d expect from a corporate source, but the information is current and provides good info for fans.

They even (finally) incorporated news about the upcoming Miles Davis Movie, which I have razzed them about for years.

The new website does not feature anything resembling a hub for ‘fans’ to interact via photos, comments, etc. That takes a little more management in the day-to-day operation, but the reality is that should be the #1 portal for fans everywhere. Too be fair, they do have a robust social media presence on Twitter and FB, which does solve some of the ‘community’ issues.

We have (lightly) bashed the official website for a long time; forever a glaring, weak link in the Business of Miles Davis. But now we applaud loudly the big changes made to the website.

The store features some nice apparel and music, and the new Biography – written by Grammy-Award Winning author Ashley Kahn – is superb. They should consider a visual timeline featuring the music and notable moments from Davis’ life.

Linking up with Worn Free for their Miles Davis apparel is a nice addition for people looking for cool t-shirts, hoodies, etc…

In the past I have written that the website just wasn’t good enough, not when associated with an iconic, worldwide brand such as Miles Davis.

So I’m here to say congrats to all involved with putting together a new Miles Davis official website fans can be proud of.

There’s still lots of room for further development of content and interactive features for the fans, but the new design and functionality gets an A.