Vince Wilburn Jr.: “We Get the Vision that Don Has”

mp-05006019 iRock Jazz LIVE! recently featured about an hour-long video chat with Vince Wilburn Jr., Miles Davis’ nephew, who, along with his cousins, Cheryl Davis and Erin Davis, oversee Miles Davis Properties, LLC.

Around the 35-minute mark talk turns to the Miles Davis Movie. Nothing to stop the presses, but nice to hear/see Vince discuss the upcoming movie.

About the forthcoming project – one that Don Cheadle has been attached as star and director since 2007! – Wilburn Jr. did say about Cheadle:

“He is really hands-on, and he is really passionate about this movie.”

Cheadle even chimed in during the video chat to comment: “The movie is all about bringing new fans to the music and to Miles’ life.”


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