The Miles Davis Movie: Was Antoine Fuqua Ever Going To Direct the Biopic?

For the longest time it was understood that Antoine Fuqua was going to direct the Miles Davis Movie – a project Don Cheadle was going to direct dating back to when he signed on in 2007.

But then news leaked that Fuqua was in and Cheadle would continue on as star, playing jazz legend Miles Davis.

Now that the film project, titled Kill The Trumpet Player, is at AFM seeking a deal, word is that Cheadle is back in the director’s chair.

The Fuqua news was never officially announced, but IMDB had the project listed on Fuqua’s page, where it remains as of this time. Perhaps he is remaining as a producer.

Anyway, somewhere along the way Cheadle must have had a change of heart. It’s his vision, so why not see it through on both sides of the camera.


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