The Miles Davis Movie: The Plot Is Revealed!

While we wait to see if Don Cheadle and his team can swing a deal for the Miles Davis Movie – known as Kill The Trumpet Player -, we finally are able to get an idea of how this potential movie might look like.

Cheadle has referred to the film plot as being “Cubist”, and yeah, this is definitely not a traditional biopic.

He even called the film “a gangster pic.” Whatever that means.

This is via

Kill The Trumpet Player, IM Global. Don Cheadle, director. Cheadle, Zoe Saldana, Ewan McGregor star. After his record label steals his comeback album before he’s ready for it to be heard, Miles Davis hunts it down with a journalist and a junkie jazz musician.

WOW! Does this mean we get to watch Miles Davis gun down a bunch of record label executives? Does he bash people over the head with his trumpet?

This is going to be wild. Hopefully in a good way. I am on record as preferring a more traditional biopic, but I’m willing to loosen up a bit and see what Cheadle has up his sleeve for his Miles Davis project.

Supposedly, the story is told “over a day and a half of his life — a very intense day and a half of his life…”.

That is from an interview Cheadle did with a few years back.

Not sure if the project is still using this time frame.

The movie title is quirky, the plot is unusual. It’s not a plot we haven’t seen before, just not with Miles Davis(!) involved!!

Is this style of film more marketable than a traditional biopic? Probably not. The easy road is to do it like Ray, which is a damn fine movie. So, I give kudos to Cheadle for wanting to stir things up and develop something different.

But this is obviously no longer a biopic. This is a story of three people tracking down some bad guys and one of the people doing the tracking down happens to be jazz icon Miles Davis.

This is not going to be the move where we see Miles Davis in the studio with John Coltrane, or meeting Gil Evans, or battling addiction, or boxing, or performing, or whatever else you consider important in the birth, life and death of Miles Davis.

From the interview w/

“…it’s not a biopic. It’s not deep. It’s not serious fare. It’s not a cradle to grave sort of overview of his entire life. The movie takes place over a day and a half of his life — a very intense day and a half of his life but a lot of people haven’t even engaged because of what they perceive it’s going to be. They go “Oh, we don’t want to do a movie like that.” I say “Have you read it?” “No, I haven’t read it.” “Well read it and then say you don’t want to do a movie like that.” So it’s having to push through a lot of these things and confront people. Once they read it, they’re like “Oh, this is great.” So everyone’s really dying to be the second person to say yes and to invest in this film.”


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