The Miles Davis Movie: Zoe Saldana, Ewan McGregor In Talks To Join Kill The Trumpet Player; Deal Close

42-17363833 Don Cheadle has yet to tweet anything about it, but actual news is flying around out there on the ‘net that Zoe Saldana and Ewan McGregor are in talks to join Kill The Trumpet Player, the kooky name given to the Miles Davis Movie project.

For the longest time Antoine Fuqua was set to direct – replacing Cheadle. But now it seems that Cheadle is back in the director’s chair.

The Fuqua news was never officially announced, but his IMDB page did list the project, so clearly he was on board.

But no more.

Don is now going to star and direct, just as he set out to when he signed on to this movie project back in 2007.

Daniel Wagner’s Beverly Hills-based BiFrost Pictures is fully financing. UTA packaged the project and represents US rights.

Herbie Hancock was announced as music supervisor back in 2010, but now he is also an executive producer on the film.

I have been tracking the Miles Davis Movie since 2007. It should come as no surprise that this flurry of (good) news has me smiling.

I have been critical in the past of Cheadle’s decision to bypass a cradle-to-grave blueprint for something he has described as “cubist” – but nevertheless, any film about the jazz legend that can actually get made is a reason to celebrate.

Check the Biopic section of Miles Davis Online for six years of news, ideas, opinions and all sorts of fun babble related to the Miles Davis Movie.

Link: ScreenDaily


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