Philip Bailey Talks About “Blue in Green” By Miles Davis

kind_of_blue Nice Playlist episode in Sunday’s Wall Street Journal – singer-songwriter Philip Bailey, best known for his amazing work as a longtime member of Earth, Wind & Fire, dishes on fond memories of Miles Davis’ classic “Blue in Green.”

“Blue in Green” [by Miles Davis and Bill Evans] is a slow ballad and was warm and comforting to me. It was like having a really cool babysitter. To my young ears, the music sounded sophisticated and unpredictable. But in a scary way, I understood exactly what was going on. I could feel that the musicians were saying something important—even before I knew they were jazz giants. I could feel the difference. Miles was on the outside, remote, not inside trying to trick the band into playing junk.

I loved the title of “Blue in Green”—as if the color blue was seeping into green, slowly changing it and creating a new color. The song opens with pianist Bill Evans playing these beautiful, delicate chords before Davis comes in with his piercing, muted trumpet. To me, Evans’s piano is the green—evoking innocence with splashes of beautiful color, like someone who’s chaste and a little uncertain.

Click here to read the full article.


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