Maybe The Miles Davis Biopic Should Be On Kickstarter


Kickstarter, the popular funding platform for creative projects, has seen high-profile movie folks like Zach Braff and, more recently, Spike Lee, utilize the crowd-funding technique to great effect, so why can’t Don Cheadle get the Miles Davis Biopic rolling via the online fundraising tool?

According to Variety, Spike Lee’s three-week-old fundraising effort has hit the $1 million mark on Kickstarter. Lee’s campaign had received $1,000,605 from 4,503 pledges — about 80% of the $1.25 million goal for a new film that’s known for now as “The Newest Hottest Spike Lee Joint.”

Money has always been the big roadblock for the Miles Davis Film:

The Miles Davis Movie: Script Ready, Now It’s About The Money

Antoine Fuqua: “We’re Trying To Figure Out Where The Money’s Coming From”

There was talk from Cheadle back in 2011 about “a studio offer” and “trying to back into a budget number,” but clearly nothing ever moved forward.

Cheadle is a busy guy. As is Antoine Fuqua, the director brought on board to replace Cheadle, who initially had plans to star and direct the biopic.

Let it be known, once again, that I have been following this biopic story since 2007! So, it’s obvious this project was never on any kind of fast-track! But still, you’d think if the money was in place this project would be zooming along towards production.

If the “Veronica Mars” movie and Zach Braff’s upcoming film “Wish I Was Here” could both reach their campaign goals of $2 million in three and four days, respectively, is it fair to believe a film project about jazz icon Miles Davis might also command that type of intense crowd-funding?

Perhaps a studio is circling. Maybe an independent producer is ready to guide the movie to its place on the big screen. Cheadle doesn’t reveal too much, which I totally understand. Either he has no good news, or perhaps he has some good news but it’s best to sit on it until the whole thing is finalized.

I have no clue, I’m just hopeful something is happening, or will happen soon.

But if all else fails, Kickstarter might be at least a plan worth exploring.


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