Don Cheadle Looking For ‘Young, Black, Talented Trumpet Players Known And Unknown’

Good God – is this related at all to the Miles Davis Movie?

Don Cheadle went strong on Twitter Tuesday asking his Twitter gang:

“Looking for young, black, talented trumpet players known and unknown. Twitter, hold me down!!”

Unless he’s got his hands in some kind of America’s Best Trumpet Player type TV show, then this must be connected to the Miles Davis Biopic.

Right? And if so, how? Here’s a follow-up Tweet:

“Tweeple, you haven’t disappointed. And FYI, the player’s race is only relevant because of casting. Thanks again for all your leads.”

“Casting” is the key word here. Casting for a movie? A play?

There was a rumor that Cheadle was going to take a Miles Davis-inspired play to Broadway, but Cheadle quickly put the kibosh on that.

Still, he could have been bluffing and there is something in the works.

We shall see. Cheadle didn’t go into too many details on Twitter, just thanking those who sent him responses.

Could he be bailing on the starring role for his Miles Davis movie? If he’s having trouble raising funds with himself as the lead, no way an unknown is going to open up any checkbooks.

Very confused right now. Looking for some clarity!


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