The Miles Davis Movie: Don Cheadle Isn’t Talking, But Something Is Happening has a terrific Q&A with recent Golden Globe winner Don Cheadle.

We are grateful for interviewer Christina Radish bringing up the state of the Miles Davis Biopic, but Cheadle didn’t seem to be too interested in providing any updates – good or bad.

Any further development on the Miles Davis biopic?

CHEADLE: I’m going to not say anything for superstitions sake, but yeah. I’ll leave it there.

So… there is some ‘further development’ these days, but Cheadle isn’t about to elaborate. Antoine Fuqua is already set to direct, news which has never been officially released by the Miles Davis estate or Cheadle, so nothing to hide there. So what could be happening with the film project?

It must be some type of studio deal, or other financial backing that is coming together. Beyond that, you’re looking at casting news, which could only move the needle if Cheadle somehow wrangled George Clooney and Brad Pitt to join the cast.

Something is brewing, and Cheadle is keeping a lid on things. Stay tuned for further developments.


From a recent Q&A with USA Today, here is Cheadle on the latest developments of the Miles Davis Movie:

You hope to make a Miles Davis movie?

That’s why I’m playing the trumpet. [Financing] is the eternal struggle. … I think we’ve just potentially found an irrational investor.

Give us a name. We need a name!


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