The Miles Davis Movie: What Is The Number One Obstacle Facing The Project?

First off, there isn’t much there – yet -, but we launched

This is the title of the Miles Davis Film, which we reported on in early November when I caught the title in a news roundup on

There must be numerous reasons as to why the Miles Davis Biopic cannot get up and running.

I say money is the most likely #1 issue. And by ‘money’ I mean a studio or independent production company ready to pick up the tab.

At one point last year, Cheadle mentioned in a Wall Street Journal interview a ‘studio offer’, but nothing has been heard about this development since. Perhaps it fell apart, maybe something else.

Then there was the interview, also in 2011, with New York Magazine where Cheadle said:

It’s day by day. I actually just got off the phone with the studio executives about putting it together. It’s a difficult time to make films, especially ones that don’t have people flying or sequels or cars. So we’re grinding, you know. We’re struggling through, but it’s going to happen.

We’re about to flip the calendar to 2013, so safe to say there is still a lot of struggle Cheadle is dealing with in trying to make the movie.

Which leads into big issue #2 – schedule. Between Cheadle, and now Antoine Fuqua, who signed on to direct the film, both gentlemen are busy with numerous projects, and juggling their TV/film commitments already on the books with those still being discussed. Somewhere in the middle is a Miles Davis project resting comfortably on the shelf, waiting patiently to get the call.

So money and schedule seem like the big roadblocks right now. Even with big name talent attached, it’s still been a tough sell for a film about the jazz legend. Is there a big enough audience to propel the film to some level of success? It has always seemed like a slam dunk in terms of matching a terrific talent like Cheadle with a musical icon like Miles.

On paper this project looks amazing. One would think the film would have been made long ago – Cheadle signed on in 2007 to star and direct. But the reality has been far less amazing. It has been a slow burn of movie development, the years clicking by with no big push to get the film made. Trust me, I know, I have been writing about the movie, and all things Miles Davis, since 2007.

There has been hope all along, especially when Cheadle breaks radio silence and spills a few tidbits about the state of the movie, but the reality is that this movie is nowhere near getting made.

Cheadle has yet to comment on Fuqua’s addition as director, which is odd considering that most feel it’s a big deal, nor has he chimed in on the film title getting out there into cyberspace.

But he does comment on the movie from time to time, and that has helped paint a pretty solid picture of his vision for the film: cubist style!, a gangster movie! Not a traditional biopic!

It is what it is. But right now it’s nothing more than hoping and praying this gets done.


1 thought on “The Miles Davis Movie: What Is The Number One Obstacle Facing The Project?”

  1. Number one obstacle? Here’s a crazy idea. Maybe studio executives don’t understand why a movie is called Kill the Trumpet Player. Just an uneducated guess. #goodtitlesmatter

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