Dave Brubeck Dies At 91; Dave Brubeck Says Miles Davis Was A Good Basketball Player

“Dave Brubeck, the pianist and composer whose use of complex harmonies and classical forms propelled a six-decade career that made him one of the world’s most popular jazz artists, died Wednesday. He was 91.” Full Story Here.

We go back a few years around the time when Brubeck was presented with a special Miles Davis Award by the Montreal International Jazz Festival for his storied career.

When people think of jazz legend Miles Davis, they invoke his troubled life or his skill with a trumpet. Dave Brubeck, himself a music icon, recalls a different side.

“One day he came to my house, and my kids, when they came home from school, they saw Miles and I playing basketball,” he said. ”They couldn’t believe that.

“Then he went to the punching bag. He liked to box. Did you know that? He was very interested in sports.”

Brubeck said he and Davis, who died in 1991, were close friends and toured together.”

via Winnipeg Free Press


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