The Miles Davis Movie: Antoine Fuqua IMDB Page Now Lists Miles Davis Project

When I posted back on June 19 about Antoine Fuqua set to direct the Miles Davis Movie, his IMDB page at the time did not list the film.

But as of right now it’s there.

In the Project In Development section we can clearly see Untitled Miles Davis Project, which tells me it’s happening.

But still there has been no ‘official’ announcement. And Don Cheadle has said not word one on his always enjoyable Twitter page. Not sure what the hold up is, but at this point most people who list movie news and Miles Davis as ‘stuff they like’ are pretty much feeling as if the director of Training Day is going to tackle the story of Miles Davis – along with Cheadle who, from the start of his association with the project, had been attached to direct as well as star.

I’d be interested to know what pushed Cheadle into deciding it was time to relinquish the director’s chair and focus solely on portraying Miles Davis, as well as crafting his special, cinematic vision for telling the story.

By looking at Fuqua’s current and future projects it’s easy to see the director is busy. So where the Miles Davis Film fits into his schedule – along with the equally busy Cheadle’s – is a good question. No way this film comes out in 2013. I say 2014 if all the puzzle pieces fall into place. But I hope I am wrong.

How much Fuqua’s involvement affects Cheadle’s ‘Cubist’ style he has planned for the film about jazz legend Miles Davis remains to be seen.

But it’s a dynamic pairing, and I think can only be looked upon as a positive in getting the film made, and making it good.


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