Miles Davis Archives: The Big Comeback of 1955

depth1 We haven’t run an Archives post in awhile, but we’re dusting off the intermittent feature for a terrific Nat Hentoff article published in DownBeat from 1955.

So, Miles is now in the most advantageous position of his career. He has the bookings, the record outlet, and he has the group that he’s been eager to assemble.

“I want this group,” says Miles, “to sound the way Sonny plays the way all of the men in it play individually—different from anyone else in jazz today. We’ve got that quality individually; now we have to work on getting the group to sound that way collectively. As we get to work regularly, something will form up and we’ll get a style.”


Bird used to play 40 different styles. He was never content to remain the same. I remember how at times he used to turn the rhythm section around when he and I, Max, and Duke Jordan were playing together.

Bird used to make me play, try to play. He used to lead me on the bandstand. I used to quit every night. The tempo was so up, the challenge was so great.

Miles: A Trumpeter In The Midst Of A Big Comeback Makes A Very Frank Appraisal Of Today’s Jazz Scene
by Nat Hentoff — 11/2/1955

Click here to read the full story


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