The Miles Davis Movie: Antoine Fuqua Is Still Going To Direct The Biopic

Antoine Fuqua is going to direct the Miles Davis Biopic.

Just because Don Cheadle hasn’t made any official comment on his always enjoyable Twitter page doesn’t mean it’s not true!

Fuqua’s IMDB page now has the film listed under Projects In Development, and that’s good enough for me.

Word got out last month when I posted an item about Vince Wilburn Jr. (of the Miles Davis Estate) commenting in a video interview that Fuqua is the director.

It seemed as if Team Miles Biopic shifted into radio silence, not yet ready to make the official announcement you would read on Deadline Hollywood, for example.

I guess I could always send a quick Tweet over to Don, but I figure if he hasn’t already mentioned it there must be a specific reason why.

But it’s right there on IMDB! How much more official can we get?

I have been covering this biopic project since June 2008(!), so I don’t plan to just sit back and let a perfectly good slice of information slide by without making sure it’s been legitimized by the team that is in the driver’s seat to make the film.

I’m just having some fun, but it’s true that I have been following the biopic all these years, so you can imagine how excited I get when I see a story like ‘Fuqua teams with Cheadle for Miles Davis Biopic’ flash by.

Maybe Wilburn let the cat out of the bag a touch too soon. Fine. I can live with that.

But basically we all know it’s true. Even if nobody wants to make it official. But it’s happening, world. Antoine Fuqua is going to direct the Miles Davis Biopic starring Don Cheadle.


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