The Miles Davis Movie: Don Cheadle Still Mum On The Antoine Fuqua News

There has been no comment from Don Cheadle since I posted a video interview last week where Vince Wilburn Jr. of the Miles Davis Estate mentioned that Antoine Fuqua was the director of the Miles Davis Biopic (Not A Biopic!).

So while the news of Antoine Fuqua jumping into the directors chair to help navigate Cheadle through the world of Miles Davis might be true, it could be that Cheadle and the biopic team are just not ready to make any official statement.

Perhaps they just pretend Wilburn’s casual remark never really happened.

When a story circulated a few weeks back that Cheadle was taking the Miles Davis story to Broadway prior to shooting the movie, the actor was quick to put an end to any rumors.

That little hiccup is not near as juicy a story as talented director Antione Fuqua hopping aboard the Miles Davis Biopic train with Cheadle, so the radio silence is puzzling.

It could be that Fuqua is not signed, sealed and delivered, which then I would understand the team not wanting to go official with any news.

On Cheadle’s lively, fun-to-read Twitter page, he has made no mention of the Antoine Fuqua news. And he doesn’t need to say anything, even if there is a video out there telling us all that Fuqua is the director.

If it is going to happen, the news will eventually get released and appear on all the big entertainment outlets – and that will be that. Just because I’m writing about it doesn’t mean Cheadle needs to alter his plans. It’s not like I’m on Charlie Rose discussing the latest news about the Miles Davis Movie and Cheadle needs to jump out ahead of the story.

But that doesn’t mean people aren’t interested. And excited.

The video sort of let the cat out of the bag. And that’s okay, because it’s great news, and folks seem genuinely excited about the idea of Fuqua and Cheadle steering this not-a-traditional-biopic of jazz legend Miles Davis.

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