The Miles Davis Movie: Someone Please Confirm That Antoine Fuqua Is Directing The Miles Davis Biopic

I posted an item yesterday about Antoine Fuqua looking like the pick to direct Don Cheadle in the Miles Davis Biopic. Cheadle was originally going to direct, but it looks as though a busy schedule (perhaps) and the demands of the leading role gave him reason to bring in a director to work with.

A few websites and Blogs have picked up on the news, but I have yet to see an official announcement, be it from Don Cheadle’s always enjoyable Twitter page, or over at the must-read Deadline Hollywood.

So even though Vince Wilburn Jr., Miles’ nephew and part of the Miles Davis Estate that is behind the Cheadle project, mentioned Fuqua’s name in a recent WSJ video interview, we haven’t seen any splashy headlines to highlight what most would consider to be big news – for movie/jazz fans at least.

Perhaps now the team is trying to figure out when to release an official statement, or maybe they just let it remain a rumor, video evidence be damned!

Cheadle and Fuqua did work on Brooklyn’s Finest together, so the two already have a working relationship, which should be of help if and when production revs up.

Without an official statement we really can’t start to crank up the hype machine. Yes, Wilburn Jr. said it, but until Nikki Finke has it up in a big, bold headline, I’m keeping cool.

But yeah… it’s totally happening, right?

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