The Miles Davis Movie: Looks Like Antoine Fuqua Is Directing The Miles Davis Movie

Back in November I asked: Is Antoine Fuqua Directing The Miles Davis Biopic?

I brought it up because I read an interview in Spain-based online newspaper where Erin Davis, son of Miles, said that Antoine Fuqua is the director.

It’s not news the Miles Davis estate and Don Cheadle have been talking to Fuqua. But if he is, indeed, officially set to direct, the news has yet to be confirmed across mainstream airwaves – as far as I know.

When Cheadle attached himself to the high-profile project back in 2007, it was noted that the biopic of jazz legend Miles Davis was going to be his feature directing debut.

Fuqua’s IMDB page does not list the Untitled Miles Davis Biopic as a future project.

But today I watched a nice interview with Erin Davis and Vince Wilburn Jr., of the Miles Davis Estate, talking to WSJ’s Lee Hawkins about Davis’ career and the new postage stamp.

And at the very end of the interview, when Hawkins mentions the Miles Davis Biopic, Antoine Fuqua was named as the director.

Here is the moment Wilburn Jr. mentions Fuqua:

And here is the complete interview:

So…. I have yet to see any official announcement, but as the video gets out there I assume someone is going to have to make a statement about the project.

And this is good news all around. 🙂

The Fuqua news does bring me back to 2009, when I asked: Should Don Cheadle not direct and just focus on playing Miles Davis?


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