Dan Bejar: “I was knee-deep in a Miles Davis phase”

Destroyer’s Dan Bejar talks Miles Davis, dropping rock music, and being compared to yacht rock

via thebaybridged.com

MG: Was there any particular Miles era that you were into?

DB: I was kinda consuming a lot of it. I still am working on getting into really hard, funky Miles. But basically late 50s and through the 60s. I was also really into the orchestration, for some reason, and the harmonics that he would hit on those late 50s early 60s records. Not that we had anything remotely carefully arranged on Kaputt. It was the exact opposite, in fact. It was mostly solos, that we layered.

But there’s some kind of mournful, romantic, lost quality that I gravitate towards in that music. It’s also very confident.


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