The Miles Davis Movie: Is There Yet Another Film About Miles Davis In The Works?

When it comes to the subject of potential films about the life and times of Miles Davis, we have two projects to discuss: Don Cheadle’s longtime-in-development, not a Hollywood biopic thank you very much, project, that is backed by the Davis estate.

Then we have the more recently announced biopic put together by director George Tillman Jr. and producer Nick Raynes, which will be based on the book “Dark Magus: The Jekyll and Hyde Life of Miles Davis” by Davis’ eldest son, Gregory Davis.

But there just might be another movie about Miles Davis. Not so much a cradle-to-grave story, rather a period of time in the jazz legend’s life as told through the eyes of a close friend.

I am speaking of the Quincy Troupe book “Miles and Me”, which was released back in 2004. Troupe was also Davis’ collaborator on “Miles: The Autobiography” – a definite must-read.

Troupe’s straightforward account of his friendship with Davis is a good book for fans of Miles, a revealing look at the man and the artist.

So it’s no surprise that such a personal reflection on time spent with the legendary Miles Davis would make someone think – movie! And that’s what happened in 2004 when Rudy Langlais and his Frigate Bay Filmworks purchased the rights to the book and screenplay “Miles and Me”.

So here we are almost a decade later and what is the status of the film? Good question! The easy answer is that it’s in development. Info is scarce online.

However, while doing some research I found myself reading about screenwriter Tom Rickman (Coal Miner’s Daughter, Everybody’s All-American, Tuesdays With Morrie), which had this line in a bio: “Currently he has completed the Miles Davis story entitled, Miles and Me, for the producer Rudy Langrich (Hotel Rwanda).”

I have a feeling there was a mix-up with the name and it should read “Rudy Langlais”, but I could be mistaken. It doesn’t matter.

The point is that this veteran screenwriter completed a script for a Miles Davis film that looks to be based on Troupe’s book. It’s just a script, so it’s not as if the cameras are about to roll. But at least it does appear the project is moving forward.

The more Miles the better!

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