Rob Morgan Will Play Miles Davis In Monica Zetterlund Biopic

If Don Cheadle decides he only wants to direct his Miles Davis Movie and not play the lead role he can always look to actor Rob Morgan, who is playing the jazz legend in the upcoming Swedish film Monica – A Lingonberry in a Cocktail, a biopic of iconic Swedish jazz singer/actress Monica Zetterlund.

Also known as Monica Z, the film follows the celebrated jazz vocalist Monica Zetterlund from her home in small town Sweden to the inner circles of New York jazz in the 1960s. It’s the story of a gifted artist with a unique presence and vulnerability whose public persona hid a turbulent love life off stage.

No idea how big or small a part Morgan has in the film, but still, he’s in the movie as Miles and that will be cool to watch. One wonders if we’ll see a scene in the film when Zetterlund meets Miles Davis for the first time, which she describes in this video interview.

The interview (just a quick three minutes) is in Swedish, but someone added the translation, which is nice and helpful.

But for the best part of the interview, Zetterlund speaks in perfectly good English – and it’s a zinger. Oh, that Miles!

Swedish-Icelandic singer Edda Magnusson will play the lead in Monica Z. Other jazz stars showing up in the film include Bill Evans and Ella Fitzgerald. Zetterlund’s 1964 album with Bill Evans, Waltz for Debby, is considered a classic.

Currently shooting in Sweden and in the US, the film is directed by Per Fly and based on an original script by Peter Birro.

I only found one photo of Miles Davis and Monica Zetterlund (via

It was taken in 1960 in Stockholm, Sweden.


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