It’s Miles Davis Up Close And Personal In New Blog Series

For any fan of Miles Davis, I highly recommend checking out The Miles Files from CBC Music.

Produced for CBC Radio 2’s Tonic, and CBC Music’s jazz department, The Miles Files is designed to…

…paint Davis in a new light by putting you into the shoes of what it might have felt like to be the legend. Just like you, Davis was a kid, then a teenager, a student, a youngster, a dreamer, a wannabe and an achiever.

His life had light and dark. It also had shadows. The Miles Files imagines you right there with Davis, and even as Davis while he embarks on an incredible, day-by-day journey as just a regular guy finding his way.

The debut post is titled Miles Davis’ First Teacher, which was just followed up with part 2, When Bebop Came To Town.

The posts are short, to the point, and pack a lot of great information about the jazz legend. Both have been written by talented jazz vocalists/host of Tonic (CBC Radio 2) Tim Tamashiro.

Up next: ‘the Juilliard scam.’ 

This is a terrific idea all around, and I will definitely be following the series.


1 thought on “It’s Miles Davis Up Close And Personal In New Blog Series”

  1. There is a wonderful statue of Miles Davis on the French Riviera, sculpted and dedicated after his performance at the Nice Jazz Festival. Here is a photo that I took several years of the statue and posted on my blog.

    This blog post also has photos of busts of Louis Armstrong and Lionel Hampton on the park grounds of the Matisse Museum.

    (Click on photos to enlarge.)

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