Miles Davis Online Celebrates Debut Collection Of Artist Series

Since debuting Miles Davis Online in 2009, I have featured 20 extremely talented people in the Artist Series. It has been an absolute joy discovering these artists, exploring their terrific work, and getting to know them as well. The opportunity to showcase their Miles Davis-inspired artwork and photographs has been a great pleasure of mine. Their work certainly makes this place look a lot better!

I look back at the photographs, designs, and paintings, and I marvel at the talent. It’s inspiring. Of course I only focused on the Miles Davis artwork, but these photographers, designers, and painters each have collections that are well-worth visiting online at their official websites.

I’m excited to begin the next volume of artist interviews, which kicks off next week. I will continue my search for artwork inspired by Miles Davis – abstract, portrait, photographs, pencil sketches, and whatever else is out there being created by talented individuals who are artistic… and just so happen to have a love for Miles Davis.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to be part of the first volume in the Artist Series. Discovering your work has been a special treat.

Miles Davis Online Artist Series: Volume 1-20

[nggallery id=2]

1 thought on “Miles Davis Online Celebrates Debut Collection Of Artist Series”

  1. I am a professional sculptor who has created a portrait sculpture of Miles for my portfolio. It can be viewed on my temporary, incomplete, free, website because I cannot afford to have it done professionally or pay for a host. Give the page time to load and wait for the image to come up on the slide show. I worked hard on this and I think you will dig it. A.Gamache

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