Miles Davis | Around The Web

A Weekly Round-Up Of Miles Davis News & Notes

1. Rats on cocaine love Miles Davis, and other dumb animal research paid for with tax dollars

The research found that sober rats don’t really like music that much. After the silence, the rats liked Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” more than Miles Davis’s iconic jazz tune “Four.” But when the rats were given doses of cocaine, their tasted shifted and they gravitated toward the jazz. []

2. Miles Davis and Steve McQueen

Undeniably simple, undeniably cool. [Tomorrow Started]

3. Hidden Gems: Miles Davis’ “Dark Magus”

There are loud peaks and quiet valleys on Dark Magus, but there’s always something going on. [Magnet Magazine]

4. Brazilian jazz sorcerer incorporates range of instruments

Slowly but surely, Hermeto Pascoal gained fame in his native Brazil by releasing several albums, according to the Hopkins Center’s program notes. His big break, however, came in 1971 when he appeared on Miles Davis’ album “Live Evil.” To this day, Pascoal reveres Davis as a godlike figure.

“Miles Davis is an eternal human being — he was and is,” Pascoal said. [The Dartmouth]

5. A Hidden Gem on the Greatest Jazz Album of All Time

Anyway, blah blah jazz blah. I want to tell you about the hidden gem of Kind of Blue, the track that I used to never, ever listen to, but is now my favorite. I’m talking about the last track on the album, “Flamenco Sketches.” []


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