A Good Miles Davis Story….

Los Angeles-based restaurateur Brad Johnson and the popular Chef Govind Armstrong recently opened Post & Beam at the Crenshaw Plaza in Baldwin Hills. Post & Beam, named for the mid-century design history of the neighborhood, is already a must-visit for California comfort food.

Over at the Post & Beam’s official website, Johnson carved out a little space for himself called The Corner Table to write about his thoughts and experiences from a longtime restaurateur’s point of view.

Well wouldn’t you know it, but Johnson just posted a terrific story about meeting Miles Davis in the early 80s at The Cellar in New York City, a popular restaurant on the Upper Westside of Manhattan owned by his father, Howard Johnson.

I heard Miles loved the fried chicken at The Cellar but on this night it didn’t appear as though Miles came to eat. I made my way over to him and eagerly introduced myself sticking out my hand “Miles, hey, I’m Brad Johnson, Howard Johnson’s son!” Miles barely looked at me and while removing the cigarette from his lips, allowed me to help him out of his dark colored long coat. Excitedly I removed Miles coat from his slender frame and hustled off to put it safely in the office.

Read the whole story here. I highly recommend!

Then, if you are in the Los Angeles area, or plan to be soon – by all means stop by Post & Beam to eat. I think I left L.A. too soon, because the Boneless Beef Short Ribs are calling my name!


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