Ron Carter Talks About Miles Davis

Excellent Q&A with bass legend Ron Carter from the Hartford Courant.

A snippet:

Q: What did you learn from Miles?

A: I learned that every night is a great night to play some wonderful music.

Q: What about the negative stories about Miles in the media, about his mercurial, critical temperament, his being difficult to work with, etc.?

A: I read those stories like everyone else, but I never saw that view of him. For the five years or so I was with him, he never told me what note to play, never told me I was playing out of tune, never told me I didn’t know the musical form.

He trusted my musical judgment. If we were playing a tune that kind of got out of control, more or less, and I decided that we were going to play the bridge and play it right now, he and everybody else said, ‘Well, this must be the bridge.’ So he instilled confidence in me that if I thought I was right to make my point known and go with it in the moment.

Bassist Ron Carter Talks About Miles Davis, Milestones And Musical Judgment – LINK


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