Miles Davis & The ’80s: A Reevaluation

I highly recommend Phil Freeman’s new article, “Miles Davis In The ’80s”, over at the arts and culture journal Burning Ambulance.

The text is actually part of a paper Freeman delivered at the 2012 EMP Pop Conference in New York last week, under the title “From the Corner to Carnegie Hall and Beyond: The Urbanization of Miles Davis 1972-1991.”

Here is a snippet:

When Miles reappeared in 1981, having stayed out of sight for the majority of the disco era and fusion’s darkest days, he must have been keeping an eye on the street from his window, because his music had changed to suit the times.

The sprawling, jamming funk-metal band he’d fronted from ’73 to ’75 was gone, replaced by a swaggering five-man squad of players half his age. The only returning member was Al Foster, and the music was taut, melodic funk that sounded like it could have been hip-hop backing tracks.

Definitely check out Phil Freeman’s article, “Miles Davis In The ’80s”, by clicking HERE.


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