Miles Davis Part Of New Legacy Recordings App On Spotify

davis-life1 I have already written about the need for some type of Miles Davis App – in 2009! -, so this news between Legacy and Spotify is good to see. I still believe there needs to be an official Miles Davis App for the iPhone and other mobile devices, but the Legacy/Spotify deal is a nice start.

An artist-centric app, “The Legacy Of” reveals the depth and breadth of catalog and influence of some of history’s most transformative musicians through curated playlists, handpicked album selections, biographies, photos and more.

The first set of featured artists on “The Legacy Of” app are Bob Dylan, Miles Davis, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Daryl Hall & John Oates. New artists will be announced and added regularly.

“There is so much music and information available on Spotify and one of the biggest challenges is making people aware of the depth of content available at their fingertips. Spotify’s app technology allowed us to create ‘The Legacy Of,’ an engaging and useful experience for fans who want to delve as deeply as possible into the music they love,” said Adam Block, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Legacy Recordings.

“The Legacy Of” provides a way to explore an artist’s catalog through curated content and playlist areas: Top Albums, Top Tracks, Covers, Influencers, Followers and others. Editorial content includes bios, photos, discographies and more.


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