The Miles Davis Movie: Kevin Navayne Is Still Playing Marcus Miller

miles-davis-45 With the exception of a few bursts of good information from Don Cheadle, details about the Miles Davis Movie continue to be scant. Then again there might not be too much to divulge anyway, should radio silence ever be lifted. But one inexplicable aspect of the story of how this project is making its long, slow journey to production is that actor Kevin Navayne has been listed as a cast member since October 2010.

Other than Cheadle handling Miles Davis duties, I am unaware of anyone being cast to play any roles in the film – other than Navayne. The handsome, Jamaican-born actor is a relative newcomer, having worked primarily in TV, but he has not only the Miles Davis movie upcoming, but also the Bob Marley Biopic, 42, about Jackie Robinson, and the HBO series Da Brick.

But here he is, all set to play Marcus Miller, the talented bassist/producer who worked with Miles from 1985 until the jazz legend’s death in 1991.

I have no clue if Navayne is friendly with Cheadle, or someone in the Davis family, but it seems odd that such a role would have already been locked down. But clearly someone is adamant that Navayne play Marcus Miller.

Hey, I wish we had more casting news to discuss. One thing I have loved writing about, here and over at The Miles Davis Movie, is the assembling of the cast and who should play what parts in the film. It’s fun guesswork!

But for now it looks like we have Don Cheadle still set to portray Miles Davis, and Kevin Navayne locked in to the role of Marcus Miller.


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