The Miles Davis Online Interview: Joshua Budich

(Artist Series Volume 19)

Once I stumbled upon the new Miles Davis screenprint from talented artist Joshua Budich, I knew I had to share this terrific, artistic homage to the jazz legend. I was also quick to sign up Budich as our latest interviewee in our ongoing Artist Series.

All it takes is one look through the print archive on Budich’s official website to get an instant sense of his unique creativity, adding blasts of color and design twists into cool screenprints that feature some of pop culture’s most well-known actors, musicians, and films.

Budich’s most recent work is The Cool (Miles Davis) – shown above. It’s an 18″x24″, 2-color screenprint (inc. Metallic-Red), on natural-cream paper.

It is awesome, it is in limited-edition, and I think I need to get one. Budich was nice enough to answer a few questions about his work recently.

Miles Davis Online: Why Miles Davis? What about the jazz legend makes you want to feature him as a subject for your artwork?
Joshua Budich: Why not Miles Davis! Miles Davis is an uncompromising artist who’s work will live on forever. Miles is an absolutely perfect addition to my “THE…” series, as his spirit and body of work are the stuff of legends. Miles Davis captures a time, an idea, a way of being, that I can only hope to contain just a small part of in my homage-portrait of him.

Miles Davis Online: Did you play around with a variety of images/designs of Miles before finally settling on the one we see in the final print?
Joshua Budich: I did a lot of research to find just the right image to capture the essence of the artist. I wanted to specifically show the intense relationship between the artist and his tool; the trumpet as an extension of his body. As well as, capture the spirit of “coolness” that I associate with Miles Davis.

Miles Davis Online: Give us an idea of how a screen print like The Cool comes together.
Joshua Budich: I do a lot of research into the artist, to try to find some definitive characteristic that I can portray in the portrait. Often I’ll sketch out the pose and composition I’m aiming for on paper first. I then finalize the pieces digitally. My “THE…” series have all been done with this method.

Miles Davis Online: Who are some of the past or contemporary artists who influence you?
Joshua Budich: Classical; I like Michelangelo and Da Vinci. Slightly more contemporary; Warhol and Lichtenstein. Contemporary (print designers); Martin Ansin, Aaron Horkey, Chuck Sperry, Tim Doyle.

Miles Davis Online: Will you revisit Miles Davis again?
Joshua Budich: I may. But I definitely have plans to revisit jazz!

Miles Davis Online: Favorite Miles Davis album?
Joshua Budich: I would have to go with the obvious, “Birth of the Cool”, or “Bitches Brew”.

© 2012, Joshua Budich. All artwork, and images of artwork are property of Joshua Budich. All rights reserved.


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