The Miles Davis Movie: A New Unofficial Teaser Poster To Enjoy

Our friend Michael Stadtlender has designed seven really outstanding unofficial teaser poster designs for Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis Biopic. It’s a pleasure for me to publish the work on Miles Davis Online.

If I’m the person down the road charged with marketing the film, I would absolutely seek out talents like Stadtlender, along with Julien Trédan-Turini and Heath Killen, who each contributed awesome teaser poster designs, and devise some kind of design contest/workshop/whatever that utilizes the skill of artists who clearly have a love for design and Miles Davis.

But that is a discussion for another time.

Here we have Stadtlender’s latest – and it rocks! We wish the movie was opening summer 2012!! What I like is how Stadtlender plays with all sorts of visual styles from one design to another; a touch of modern here, a tip of the cap to the legendary Saul Bass there – a nice variety of color, design and concept.

I added a gallery below of all eight teaser poster designs. But here is the latest.

© Michael Stadtlender


5 thoughts on “The Miles Davis Movie: A New Unofficial Teaser Poster To Enjoy”

  1. Awaiting the movie with great interest.With a colleague I own the largest collection of original artworks by Miles and have been exhibiting in Europe since 1997.there remain some 100 works available for exhibition which hopefully we can tie in when the movie is to be released.There are also several ltd edition serigraphs.Examples of drawings can be seen on my website.

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