The Miles Davis Movie: Will Cameras Roll For Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis Film In 2012?

Maybe. Maybe not.

The Miles Davis Movie is listed on IMDB with a 2013 date. I assume that’s the release year. So that means they’d have to shoot sometime in 2012 to get the movie out the following year. Iron Man 3 also has a 2013 listing, and apparently filming commences May 2012, so already the new year is shaping up to be busy for Don Cheadle.

His schedule also includes House of Lies on Showtime, which premieres Jan. 8.

Plenty going on for Cheadle, which is good, but where the Miles Davis Movie fits in I’m curious to know. To my knowledge there has been no announcement regarding funding by a studio or independent film company, so with no financing there is nothing happening.

But that doesn’t mean a deal hasn’t been signed. I’m just assuming.

As for the other Miles Davis Biopic, the project to be directed by George Tillman and based on the Gregory Davis book, “Dark Magus: The Jekyll and Hyde Life of Miles Davis,” it’s hard to know what their time line is.

There was a first draft written by Isaac Fergusson, but Tillman and producers Nick Davis Raynes and Ged Dickersin are further developing the script.

The Cheadle project seems to be waiting to connect the final pieces between financing and scheduling, while the Tillman biopic appears to be in the early stages. But things could ramp up quickly.

Still, one project has their Miles Davis, while the other is no doubt in the process of finding their own Miles Davis.

It’s anyone’s guess who Tillman Jr. has in mind for the lead role. Maybe there is a big name out there, or perhaps they go the unknown route. But whoever is selected to play Davis will quickly be sized up alongside Cheadle.

Cheadle has opened up this year about the roadblocks in getting his Miles Davis movie off the ground, but he seems to have lost none of his enthusiasm for the opportunity to portray the jazz legend.

Based on nothing but pure conjecture, I think the filming of Cheadle’s film will get pushed to 2013. Now, if a studio swoops in, or wealthy producer, then all bets are off and it becomes only a matter of Cheadle finding the time in his date book.

Last month I mentioned that Director Antoine Fuqua’s name had been associated with the Miles Davis Biopic. In an interview last month with Spain-based online newspaper, Erin Davis, son of Miles, said that Antoine Fuqua is the director. If he is going to direct, news has yet to be confirmed across mainstream airwaves – as far as I know. And this would mean Cheadle has relinquished the directors’ chair to just focus on playing Miles Davis.

Meanwhile, the new year could bring lots of movement on the Tillman biopic, specifically naming an actor to play Davis. Getting the right actor on board can go a long way to establishing momentum for the film and start to generate buzz.

There has to be a feeling of wanting to be first out of the gate with their Miles Davis film. Tillman’s film is gearing up to be a more accessible, Hollywood biopic (like “Ray”), while Cheadle’s is set to be unconventional in its narrative — this differential between the two competing Miles Davis biopics should help keeping audiences jazzed for not one, but two, movies about Miles Davis.


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