New Miles Davis Box Set Celebrates His Work From The ’80s

This month, Warner Music will release Miles Davis – The Warner Years 1986-1991, a 5-CD boxset celebrating the last recordings of the legendary trumpeter, from Tutu (1986) to Doo-Bop, his final studio work.

After 40 years of musical evolution marked by a series of unrivaled masterpieces (Kind of Blue, Sketches of Spain, Bitches Brew), Miles Davis signed with the Warner label in 1985. Under the direction of bass player/producer Marcus Miller, Davis explores electro-funk and records Tutu in 1986. Until his death on September 28th, 1991, the trumpeter will extend his discography with Amandla (1989), film soundtracks (Music From Siesta, in 1987, and Dingo O.S.T. in 1990), a series of live albums (Miles and Quincy Live At Montreux, the posthumous Live Around The World) and Doo-Bop, an ambitious hip-hop/electronic project with producer Easy Mo Bee.

Miles Davis – The Warner Years 1986-1991 also gathers – for the first time – unreleased tracks from the 1985 Rubber Band Sessions (“Maze”, “See I See”), rarities (the seldom heard “Digg That” and “Rubber Band”) as well as collaborations (with Chaka Khan, Kenny Garrett, Zucchero, Shirley Horn…) in a gloriously remastered anthology complete with liner notes from biographer Ashley Khan.

Tutu (1986) – Music from Siesta (excerpts, 1987) – Amandla (1989) – Dingo OST (excerpts, 1990) – Miles & Quincy Live At Montreux (1991) – Doo Bop (1993) – Live Around The World (1996) – Unreleased and rare tracks, collaborations.


1 thought on “New Miles Davis Box Set Celebrates His Work From The ’80s”

  1. Christ Alive! when oh when will we get something worth the wait from Warners. Hardly rare stuff is it.
    What about the full Street Smart soundtrack, the sessions he laid down with Paulo Rusticelli ( re- cut of course, not with the goon himself ) the stuff with Prince, John Bigham, The actual Rubber Band sessions ( much of which available in reasonable sound quality as The Black Album )
    Disappointing, the average Miles nut would have the majority of this, collected as and when over the last 20 years.
    Warners/Miles Davis estate – get a grip

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