The Miles Davis Movie: An Offer On The Table, But No Details

No big surprise that there hasn’t been much news lately for the Miles Davis Movie. The project’s chief visionary, Don Cheadle, recently made news by joining Denzel Washington in the Robert Zemeckis drama Flight. And let’s not forget Showtime’s upcoming comedy, House of Lies, which stars Cheadle and Kristen Bell and debuts in early 2012.

Cheadle has commented about the project recently, stating back in July that the movie about Miles Davis is “going to happen,” and that the story takes place ‘over a day and a half of his life.’

The Miles Davis Movie is definitely not on a fast-track to production, that’s for sure.

While spending the past few months promoting his well-received film The Guard, Cheadle has been asked, thankfully, by a few media outlets about the status of the Miles Davis Movie. Though Cheadle has not revealed everything, even in the few blurbs we’ve seen, there has been some good info.

Negativ, an online magazine based out of Germany that focuses on film and media culture, recently posted a Q&A with Cheadle. At the close of the interview Cheadle does comment on the biopic.

Is it true that you are preparing a movie about Miles Davis?

I can not say much about it yet, but it’s true, we’re just stuck in the preliminary stages. We have an offer and we hope that we can lift the project.

And the offer is? Is that a studio ready to open the vault and get cameras rolling?

Is it an independent producer ready to write a big check to get the movie made?

I’m intrigued with what Cheadle has to say: “We have an offer…”

I guess an offer is better than no offer. But it looks as though nothing is signed, sealed and delivered – as Stevie Wonder would say.


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