The Miles Davis Online Interview (Pt. 2): Erwann Gauthier

(Artist Series, Volume 17)

Last year I had the pleasure to catch up with Erwann Gauthier, artistic director for Paris-based design studio Ezz-thetic. Gauthier was kind of enough to let me post two of his Miles Davis illustrations, which you can see here.

It’d be tough for any creative type to stay away from Miles Davis for too long, and here we are back with four new illustrations from Gauthier inspired by jazz legend Miles Davis. The new designs are delightful, so full of bold color and cool style. Gauthier said it was okay to post the new artwork, which can be found above and below in the gallery. I even had the pleasure to catch up with the talented designer to see what’s new. Now if only I can get to Paris sometime to do the interview in person!

Miles Davis Online: First of all – how are things in Paris?
Erwann Gauthier: Everything is really fine! I am on holiday. A deep breath of fresh air before going back to work.

Miles Davis Online: What inspired you to return to Miles Davis as a design subject?
Erwann Gauthier: An illustration on Philip Burke’s blog that I really loved! It gave me renewed desire to work (again) on Miles Davis.

Miles Davis Online: Your choice of colors is really striking. Do you create the image of the illustration before the color, or do you have an idea of the colors you want to use right from the start?
Erwann Gauthier: Thanks so much for the compliment. First I create the illustration and then I have it colored. Trying different combinations in order to find the best one. I love mixing all these colors together.

Miles Davis Online: Would you say there’s a certain style that defines you as an artist, or do you prefer to explore all types of web design and illustration?
Erwann Gauthier: I do not think I have one definite style. I’d rather say I am in perpetual research, which allows me to try a lot of new things.

Miles Davis Online: Can you talk a little about Ezz-thetic, your role as creative director and the type of work you are doing these days?
Erwann Gauthier: Ezz-thetic is a creative studio focused on developing integrated advertising, digital and branded experiences. Ezz-thetic is based in Paris, France. The name of my studio is homage to Geaorge Russell and his album ‘ezz6thetics.’ Miles Davis has performed this piece a lot of times. I am a graphic designer, artistic director. My role is to answer visual communication challenges.

I am working on “les victoires du jazz” which is the French Grammy awards for jazz. It will take place in nice next September. I am also working on Bruno Weppe’s web site, he is a fantastic French hair and make up artist.

* You can find more artwork from Erwann Gauthier at Ezz-thetic.
Artwork is © Erwann Gauthier


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