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A Weekly Round-Up Of Miles Davis News & Notes

1. Miles Davis: Peeking Through the Blindfold

There’s a lot more to Davis’s vastly complex aesthetic psychology and artistic transformations and conflicts. It’s enough to note that he knew he needed something from Dolphy and Taylor—and that he needed it more than they needed, at that point, anything from him—and that this would have sufficed to arouse the lion’s wrath and provoke him to a mighty artistic challenge. [the new yorker]

2. My Terrifyingly Gracious Meeting With Miles Davis

Overly prepared and properly terrified – I was well aware Davis could be contentious – I turned up at least a half hour early for the interview, and then said nothing as Davis, fresh from swimming for exercise, walked past me. I didn’t know what to do – what’s the protocol when you’re dealing with a legend? Finally, a publicist arrived to introduce me. I was quaking when Davis and I shook hands. []

3. Miles Davis Live Performances Coming To DVD

Eagle Rock Entertainment has released the Miles Davis Live At Montreux – Highlights 1973-1991 DVD, which as the title hints at, is comprised of standout performances from seven performances over an 18-year period. After first appearing at the festival in 1973, Davis did not return back until 1984. But once he did, he made regular appearances at Montreux, including performances in ’85, ’86, ’89, ’90, and just a few months before his death in 1991. []

4. Miles Davis Septet live in Oslo, Norway 1971

A TV broadcast from Norway turned up from Miles Davis’ infamous 1971 tour of Europe and the neighboring places that housed this type of free electronic music. Completely unreleased until now, this is a true gem in the world of electronic music with a heavy jazz approach. Miles Davis at this point was riding a huge wave of success from the release of Bitches Brew the previous year. This tour was another expansion of the sounds he was bringing to the world that were completely his. []

5. Tribute To Miles: A Conversation With Herbie Hancock

“I kept hearing these rumors that Miles was looking for me, and I knew that Miles was in a transition–he had moved from the band he had Wynton Kelly, and John Coltrane was already on his own. So, I heard this rumor that Miles was looking for me, and I didn’t believe a word of it, right? One day, Donald said to me, “Look, when Miles calls, tell him you’re not working with anybody.” I said, “Donald, first of all, Miles isn’t going to call. Secondly, I wouldn’t do that to you. All the stuff that you’ve done for me, I wouldn’t disrespect you in that way.” Then, Donald said, “Listen, if I stood in the way of your having the great opportunity to work with Miles Davis, I couldn’t look myself in the mirror. You take that opportunity.” [huffington post]

6. Kind of Screwed

Last year, I was threatened with a lawsuit over the pixel art album cover for Kind of Bloop. Despite my firm belief that I was legally in the right, I settled out of court to cut my losses. This ordeal was very nerve-wracking for me and my family, and I’ve had trouble writing about it publicly until now. [waxy]

7. Miles Davis’ Wives

Painter George Condo must have swooned. He came of age alongside Basquiat and Keith Haring and recently designed the risque, quaintly crude covers for Kanye West’s album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, but it’s Davis he listened to growing up. His first big-deal painting, exhibited at the 1987 Whitney Biennial and later bought by Eli Broad, was a colorful opus called Dancing to Miles. In 1991, he created a series of etching in response to Sketches of Spain. Through September 3rd, you can see them at Jack Rutberg Gallery in mid-city L.A. []


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