Miles Davis Soundboard: File Under Things We Need

I could be wrong but I do not believe there exists a Miles Davis Soundboard. I even checked and nope, of the 75k-plus Soundboards not one is a Miles Davis.

Any Alec Baldwin Soundboard always makes me chuckle, the Judd Nelson/Breakfast Club is great and Sgt. Hartman from Full Metal Jacket is a Soundboard favorite. There are thousands, so I could easily go on and on.

But the point is that someone needs to make a Miles Davis Soundboard immediately. I’m just not tech savvy enough to tackle such an endeavor, so I call upon someone, anyone to make it happen.

I admit it will not be as easy to extract a wealth of great verbal content, like say from a popular movie or famous actor. However, there should be enough good content on YouTube to blend with some of Davis’ more notable comments caught on various albums to develop a brief, albeit cool Soundboard.


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