The Miles Davis Lounge Is As Cool As It Sounds

The Miles Davis Lounge, located inside the luxurious Kulm Hotel St.Moritz, is ‘a place for fans and music lovers.’

The Miles Davis Lounge, perfectly situated in the heart of St. Moritz, is also the latest addition to the Festival da Jazz; the fifth installment of the jazz festival in the elegant resort town of St.Moritz begins July 14th and runs until August 14th.

From Thursday to Saturday, the Miles Davis Lounge closes out the evenings with a series of Round Midnight Concerts.

As the name of the famous Thelonius Monk standard suggests, the concerts start around the midnight hour and feature mainly excellent Swiss bands – but there is plenty of opportunity for musicians to join the fun and jam onstage. The ‘official’ concerts last for an hour.

With the Miles Davis Lounge, Kulm Hotel manager Dominique N. Godat underlines the character of “savoir vivre” at the 5-star hotel that offers stunning views over Lake St. Moritz.

“The lounge is a place where connoisseurs and music lovers come together to enjoy a drink in a pleasing atmosphere,” said Godat.

The Miles Davis Lounge is quite sizable and beautifully designed; the lounge is the largest in the Engadine valley in Switzerland. The handsome wood paneling, warm decor and floor to ceiling panoramic windows with views of the beautiful countryside no doubt provide an ideal setting for late night jazz and cocktails.

Here is the Festival da Jazz program schedule.

It’s settled. I have to make a pilgrimage to the Miles Davis Lounge in St. Moritz. How can I not?


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