Miles Davis Should Get A Google Doodle To Celebrate 85th Birthday

According to a quick Google search, it appears that Miles Davis has yet to receive a Google Doodle.

I know. It’s hard to believe. But now Google and their talented team of designers can make things right with a Doodle dedicated to the jazz legend for what would be his 85th birthday next week (May 26).

There are going to be plenty of parties and concerts next week, featuring some terrific jazz players, celebrating Miles’ 85th birthday. What better time for Google designers to unveil a cool doodle to honor the late great jazz legend?

Aside from a fine Dizzy Gillespie doodle from last year – to celebrate his 93rd birthday -, I haven’t been able to find any other jazz artists in the doodle collection. No Duke Ellington and no Louis Armstrong, no Coltrane, Monk, Charlie Parker, Count Basie or Billie Holiday. And so on…

I’m going to have to insist a Miles Davis Doodle be designed and scheduled for display on the Google homepage.

Any day is a fine day to debut a Miles Davis doodle, but I just figure his 85th birthday next week provides a terrific reason to slide the jazz icon onto the doodle schedule.

It will be very cool and people will enjoy it. Let’s go Google! The world needs a Miles Davis doodle!


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