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A Weekly Round-Up Of Miles Davis News And Notes

1. Charleston Jazz Orchestra to present music of Miles Davis

Honoring his legacy and celebrating his music, the Charleston Jazz Orchestra presents “The Music of Miles Davis” at 7 p.m. Saturday in the Charleston Music Hall. “Just like playing a Count Basie concert or a Duke Ellington concert, the hardest thing about this one is selecting the material, because there is so much from which to draw,” says CJO trumpeter and bandleader Charlton Singleton. “Of course, I knew we had to do some stuff from ‘Kind of Blue,’ which is widely regarded as the greatest jazz recording ever. [the post and courier]

2. According To Google’s “Instant Mix” Algorithm, Miles Davis And Faith Hill Sound Just Alike

Paul Lamere of the Music Machinery blog just posted an elaborate rant on Google Music’s “Instant Mix” feature, which attempts to create mixes of similar music for you. Lamere tried out Instant Mix to a hilarious end, also comparing it to iTunes Genius and The Echo Nest, which have been tried and tested mix solutions for a while now. Even though Google Music is a beta, shouldn’t the “Instant Mix” feature work at least a little bit? [business insider]

3. Cornell Dupree, guitarist for Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, dies

Cornell Dupree Jr., a guitarist who played in Aretha Franklin’s touring band, including on her 1971 album “Aretha Live at Fillmore West,” has died. []

4. Miles Davis – A Tribute to Jack Johnson

None of Miles Davis’ recordings has been more shrouded in mystery than Jack Johnson, yet none has better fulfilled Miles Davis’ promise that he could form the “greatest rock band you ever heard.” [why dontcha]

5. Miles Davis Jazz Festival set for Saturday, May 21

The Alton Museum of History and Art will present the 2011 Miles Davis Jazz Festival from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. this Saturday, May 21 at Trimpe Hall on the campus of Lewis & Clark Community College in Godfrey, IL. Performers will include the Alton Landing Jazz Quintet, Jim Stevens Band, saxophonist Henry Miles’ quintet from Springfield, IL, and Mondinband with special guest Big George Brock. [st. louis jazz notes]

6. Bitches Brew – Miles Davis’ Ultimate Statement of Defiance

“Listening to the opening strands of chaos from album opener Pharaoh’s Dance, it’s clear that this is a revolution. 40 years later and the album’s carefully sculpted noise is still ahead of its’ time.” [afro-punk]

7. Like his mentor Miles Davis, Wallace Roney doesn’t like to be pigeonholed

Today’s jazz trumpet players have to follow in the footsteps of giants such as Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis and even Wynton Marsalis. With such a history preceding them, it must be daunting to try to carve out a career as an individual. Trumpeter Wallace Roney came up at the same time as Marsalis and garnered a lot of the same kind of high praise for knowing his jazz history. He was also known for having a style similar to Davis, yet in 1983, when he was 23, he accomplished the difficult task of impressing the master when he played at a Davis birthday gala at Carnegie Hall. He even shared the stage with his idol at the 1991 Montreux Jazz Festival. []


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