Miles Davis Award Going To Stanley Clarke At 2011 Montreal International Jazz Festival

The Miles Davis Award, celebrating the work and influence of an international jazz musician, goes to the bass-playing giant Stanley Clarke.

Clarke will be the 18th recipient of the Miles Davis Award, joining such previous Davis award winners as Sonny Rollins, McCoy Tyner, Dave Holland, Joe Zawinul and Pat Metheny.

The Miles Davis Award was created for the Montreal International Jazz Festival’s 15th anniversary in 1994 to honor a great international jazz musician for the entire body of his or her work and for that musician’s influence in regenerating the jazz idiom.

Stanley Clarke led the “bass revolution” of the ’70s, bringing the instrument to the height of respectability and paving the way for its use by soloists. Among his many accomplishments, Clarke is credited with pioneering the slap technique and inventing two new instruments: the piccolo bass and the tenor bass. His incredible mastery on both electric and acoustic bass and his creativity have been recognized with a slew of Grammys, Emmys, gold and platinum albums, and rankings among the world’s best bassists, etc.

The first bassist to headline international tours, he was sought out by the likes of Jeff Beck, Ronnie Wood and Keith Richards for numerous projects. He is also a composer, arranger, bandleader and performer of film scores (Boys N the Hood, What’s Love Got to Do With It…). A polyglot artist, equally fluent in electric and acoustic jazz, with an unparalleled skill, Clarke had already been proclaimed a legend by the age of 25!

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6 thoughts on “Miles Davis Award Going To Stanley Clarke At 2011 Montreal International Jazz Festival”

  1. i, like many others before me,stand up and salute you.your body of work,skill,and utter brilliance remain a major influence to me to this very day.

  2. Congratulations on this truly-deserved award. The reward is all ours for the wonderful gift you’ve given to the world in music. From the time I first heard you play, I was compelled to find a bass and start making music. That inspiration has changed my world for the better. You stand in the phenomenal company of truly great musicians with this award, but you clearly belong there!

  3. First and foremost, Big Congratulations to Stanley Clarke, I only found out about Stanley in 2001, He is definately one of a kind, in fact I’m not too sure if he is from this planet! Lol, just joking, I think what I love most, is that he is always creating, you can hear the Math/Science of his music, and of course the Soul in his music too.

  4. Nothing like Stanley.I first started practising around ’75/’76.I got hold of ‘School Days’ album…I knew right then that’s how I was going to sound. I stopped playing in ’96 for several different reasons. But that type of music never left my head;I always have those scales and stuff haunting me always.I saw him play in Barbados in ’06 or ’07…Haunted again…This time around I intend to really kick some butt. Thank you Stanley for the music and inspiration…my only other inspiration came from the Trane.The only musicians that I really would love to meet are Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea and Victor Wooten…Once again, thank you Stanley…May the Most High continue to Bless and Keep you Healthy…One Heart….

  5. I am 49 years old and I can remember being 12 years old and hearing the most amazing and life changing bass playing ever! I saved for two years so I could purchase one of your signature Series II Alembic Basses. You have been a joy and an inspiration all these years. You are deserving of the Miles Davis award. I thank GOD for people who I believe are here to represent greatness and Stanley you are one of those special people. Thank you for being a positive role model in so many ways.

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