Miles Davis: In Just Four Icons

Madison, WI-based designer Kyle Tezak has a great website. One of his ongoing projects is The Four Icon Challenge. The goal is to use just four icons at a time to represent some of his favorite films, books, etc.

It’s minimal, it’s cool and it’s awesome! I think ‘The Great Gatsby’ is my favorite of the bunch so far. But each one is really good.

So….. I thought it would be interesting to think what Tezak might incorporate if he were to ‘sum up’ Miles Davis using just four icons.

Here’s a quick rundown of icons I think could work. Feel free to add your thoughts if I’ve missed a few.

Trumpet (pretty obvious)
Expensive suit
The wrap-around shades from the Bitches Brew period
Boxing gloves (maybe?)
The pose from the Jack Johnson album cover
Sheet music for “All Blues” (or something from his Gil Evans collaborations)


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