Miles Davis Gets Tribute From Chicago Dance Company

Kate O’Neil, writing for the Lansing State Journal, has the story of the River North Chicago Dance Company, which comes to Wharton Center Thursday.

The highlight of that performance will be the world premiere of ‘Simply Miles, Simply Us,’ a tribute to Miles Davis.

The dance was co-commissioned by Wharton Center and the Auditorium Theatre of Chicago (where it will have its second performance April 16) and by the National Endowment for the Arts. ‘Simply Miles, Simply Us’ celebrates what would have been Davis’ 85th birthday. (He died in 1991.)

“I always knew about Davis and knew his music, but I did not know it well,” said Frank Chaves, artistic director of River North Chicago Dance Company. “I played all the way through my first year at the university.

“At the time, I wasn’t especially enthusiastic about Miles Davis. His is somewhat difficult music. You have to listen to it quite a bit. But since working on it, I’ve seen it in a whole new light. Each note is like a spoken word. Hopefully I’ve gotten all that in my movement.”

The Wharton Center for Performing Arts is located in East Lansing, Michigan on the campus of Michigan State University.


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